Measurement and pumping systems for bulk transportation    

Utilizing cutting-edge technology we provide full pumping systems for bulk transportation. With our pumping system you may distribute different liquids to customers according to MID005.01 certified full pumping system. 

 Examples of products: 

 Diesel, fuel oil, AdBlue┬«, woodcutting urea, Formic acid, concrete additives, liquid animal nutrition

 Q3MT100 Measurement system for distribution of liquids

  • Pumping / measurement system Utilizing new cutting-edge technology 
  •  System consist of pneumatics, hydraulics, electronics and control program
  • System benefits: Design environment is flexible according to customer requirements, new technology with cloud data and remote access to system for problem solving 
  •  Huge cost benefit for end-user as measurement results will be real-time data transfer to cloud.

Components and spare parts available internationally (hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics and data transfer)  

Q3MT100 pumping systems 

has and accepted by EU-type-approval certification.

System according to European parlament directive 2014/32EU requirements and accepted Module-B. In addition fulfilment of OIML R117-1 Edition 2019 E

In addition following taken into account in type-approval    

- Welmec ohje 7.2 , 7. 3 ja 7.4  European cooperation in legal metrology 

- Welmec ohje 10.10 (Guide on Evaluation of Purely Digital Parts)

- Welmec ohje 10.11 (Compatibility sheets)

- Welmec ohje 10.13 (Fraudulent use on road tankers)


Q3 Measuring Technology Oy develops its operations in accordance with the Sustainable growth and work 2014-2020 - Finnish Structural Fund program and with the help of the Central Ostrobothnia ELY Center. 

The purpose of the project was a carbon-neutral Q3MT liquid MID/ ATEX approved distribution system. With the help of Han, using battery technology to bring the idling of the trucks to zero level during the delivery event. This effect on the transport company's cost efficiency and carbon footprint. 

The goal is to design and test the products during 2020-2023 and start series production during 2024. We strive for profitable growth and wide use when new and manufacturing business starts.